Calicut University Trial Allotment 2018 on 07.06.2018

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Calicut university trial allotment 2018 for degree courses ( UG CAP ) will be published on June 7th. The ug degree trial allotment result will be published on university website

Calicut University Degree (UG) Trial Allotment Result 2018

CU Degree Trial Allotment 2018 : Trial allotment result is a list of candidates who are getting a chance to include in the first allotment list for degree admission through UG CAP 2018. The degree trial allotment is not an actual allotment , trial allotment do not guarantee any allotment of seats for the admission. It only gives an idea for the candidates about their position/chances to get the real allotment according to their scores and the selected options.
After the trial allotment list is published, the candidates will have an option to make necessary changes in their selected options to get a better chances for getting the allotment. The university will then publish the revised allotment result ie the first allotment result in the website

Re-arrangement of Options can be done from 07.06.2018 to 08.06.2018
The Calicut University First Allotment Result 2018 will be published on 13-6-2018

The candidates who got an allotment in the trial allotment result do not need to make any payment or any other actions, they could wait for the ugcap degree first allotment result 2018 to get an actual allotment.
After the allotment, the prescribed mandatory fee due to the the University will have to be remitted by the candidate within the specified time to claim the allotment.

Check Calicut University Degree Trial Allotment 2018

1. Enter the official web site
2. Enter the Reg Number , CAP ID and security code
3. Click on Login Here Button
4. The Trial Allotment result displayed.

Calicut University UG CAP 2018 Allotment Schedule

UG Trial allotment : 7/06/2018
Rearrangement of options : 07.06.2018 to 08.06.2018

First Allotment : 13.06.2018
Mandatory Fee Payment to confirm the allotment : 13.06.2018 to 16.06.2018
Second Allotment : 19.06.2018
Reporting at the College for Admission : 19.06.2018 to 22.06.2018

Calicut university web site:

Calicut University Degree Admission 2018 Allotment

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